Chapter 1: General Rules

Article 1: Name
Korean Women's International Network, New York Chapter, shall be called “KOWIN NY Chapter”

Article 2: Statement of Purpose
The Purpose of this organization is to build a network of international Korean women and to find and mentor talented Korean women. In addition, we promote the building of Korean women’s character and the advancement of women and the improvement of their communities.

Article 3: Membership
This organization shall consist of Korean women with the following qualifications:
1) Resides in the NY metro area (NY, NJ, CT)
2) Works as a professional and participates in improving the community
3) Is a role model for others in her daily life
4) Is willing and capable of participating in the pursuit of the purpose of this organization.

Article 4: Office
The office will be maintained at the residence of the incumbent President or where she can rightfully operate the organization.

Article 5: Programs
1) Networking opportunities to mentor women leaders and holding related conference
2) Gatherings with the Minister of Gender Equality and Family with immigrant Korean women leaders.
3) Annual KOWIN conference in Korea and regional conferences held in Chicago, Washington D.C., Dallas, Atlanta or New York.
4) Exchange of news relevant to enhancing women leadership via electronic communication.
5) Promotion of news relevant to improving the community.
6) Fellowship activities between members

Article 6: Membership application procedure and period
1) Applicant must submit recommendation by existing member and KOWIN NY application to the President.
2) By the end of April, the screening committee must review application and approve unanimously. Only under special circumstances can this deadline be modified.
3) New members are expected to attend the KOWIN conference in Korea the year they join. If one cannot attend the conference, she must submit a written (via email) statement describing any extenuating reasons for absence from this conference.
4) New members must pay dues by the end of June to obtain full membership.

Article 7: Duties and Rights
Members have the right to attend KOWIN activities, speak during meetings, nominate, vote and be eligible for election. Members must observe all regulations in the bylaws including regulations regarding membership dues and attendance as well as the resolutions passed during general meetings.

Article 8: Membership Forfeiture and Withdrawal
Section 1: conditions for forfeiture
1) Failure to perform assigned duties
2) Disrupting KOWIN activities
3) Defame KOWIN
4) Unlawful action towards KOWIN
5) Absence and/or non-payment of dues for two years without explanation or reasonable cause.
Provisions for forfeiture will be handled by the Steering Committee by presenting it as a motion during general meetings and by 2/3 of attending members passing the motion.

Section 2: Voluntary Withdrawal
Withdrawal letter must be sent (via email) to the President, and the President must announce the member’s withdrawal request at the next General Meeting and officially remove her.

Article 9: Executive Officers
The executive officers of KOWIN shall consist of the following:
1) One (1) President, One (1) Vice President, One (1) General Secretary, One (1) Treasurer, and One (1) Recording Secretary.
2) Steering Committee: shall not exceed nine (9) members
3) Screening Committee: shall not exceed nine (9) members.

Article 10: Functions of the Officers
All officers shall perform the following duties:

President: Representing the Chapter, the President shall coordinate and oversee the work and functioning of all offices and committees, as well as chair the Steering Committee. She shall exercise her leadership in providing the vision and direction necessary for the development and growth of the Chapter, and raising its status. The President shall be responsible for keeping and preserving all documentation and records on all businesses of the Chapter for the successive office transition.
Vice President: The Vice Presidents shall assist the President and serves as the interim President in the event of vacancy in the office of the President or of the President’s disability or other incapacity to fulfill her duties as President, to fulfill the duties of the position for the remainder of the elected period.
General Secretary: The General Secretary shall assist the President, to be vested with the power and duty to manage the daily operation of all businesses of the Chapter, and execute all membership meetings and KOWIN events and activities. She shall report and maintain the records of all meetings and activities of the Chapter, as well as draft, deliver and maintain transition memo for the successive office.
Treasurer: The Treasurer shall assist the President, and be vested in power and duty to have charge of the funds and books of account of the Chapter and to administer them (including budget projection and accounting) in accordance with the bylaws, to receive and deposit the funds of the Chapter in such bank account or accounts as shall be authorized by the President. Operating expenses will be approved in writing by the President prior to disbursing the funds. Expenses incurred by the members will be reimbursed by submitted reimbursement request form. The Treasurer shall render and provide financial reporting at every membership meeting. Upon the end of her term, she shall draft, deliver and maintain all financial records of the Chapter during her term and include such records in the transition memo for the successive officers.
Recording Secretary: The Recording Secretary shall be vested with the power and duty to keep the records and documentation of the Chapter, and attend all membership meetings and record all the proceedings of such meetings in a book to be kept for that purpose. Upon the end of the term, she shall draft, deliver and maintain all administrative records and proceedings of the Chapter during her term and include such records in the transition memo for the successive officers. 

Article 11: Officers’ Terms and Election

Chapter President: The President shall be nominated by the Steering Committee, from the candidates selected by a majority vote of the General Assembly attendees. She has to have excellent record of being a member for at least 2 years and who is current in the membership fee payments. The President’s term is 2 years, and may be renewed for the second term. A third term is possible after one year of sabbatical.
Vice President, General Secretary, Treasurer and Recording Secretary shall be appointed by the President and approved by the General Assembly attendees, for a term of 2 years. The election and transition of such officers will take place in the June General Assembly every year, and such officers are required to attend the subsequent KOWIN annual conference in Korea in August of that year.
In the event of vacancy of any officer(s), the President will appoint a replacement for the remainder of the term. (However, in the event of vacancy in the office of the President, the Steering Committee will elect the interim President.)
Auditors: Two (2) auditors shall be elected by General Assembly, from the candidates appointed by the President. The Auditors shall serve for one (1) fiscal year, and audit shall take place at the end of November of the fiscal year. 

Article 12: Steering Committee

Responsibilities: The committee reviews and decides on important matters at the request of the President. Members are required to attend all meetings convened by the President. If a member must miss a meeting, she is to notify the President in advance, and she must participate in the decision-making process by appointing a proxy via a written document (electronic mail).
Member Selection: The President appoints members, subject to approval at a regular meeting.
Formation: Three former Presidents, two current officers, and four at-large members. The membership shall number no more than nine. The members are appointed by the President, and shall be approved at a regular meeting.

Article 13: Screening Committee

Responsibilities: The committee elects new members. At the request of the President, it reviews applications according to the qualifications outlined in Article 3, then elects new members whose applications are approved unanimously.
Screening Committee members must attend meetings when requested by the President.
Formation: Three former Presidents, two current officers, and four at-large members. The membership shall number no more than nine. The members are appointed by the President, and shall be approved at a regular meeting.

Article 14: General Meetings
Section 1 Call: The President shall notify the members of the agenda for the meeting in advance via electronic mail.

General Assembly: The June meeting shall serve as General Assembly.
Regular Meetings: Regular meetings shall be held quarterly, in March, June, September and December. The dates may be changed when necessary.
Special Meetings: At her discretion, the President may, with the approval of the Steering Committee, convene a special meeting with advance notice of the purpose of the meeting.

Section 2 Quorum: A meeting may be held with the attendance of a majority of the membership, including those who have appointed proxies and/or submitted proxy forms in writing (via electronic mail).
In general, a matter shall pass with the approval of the majority of those in attendance. The President may cast the deciding vote in the case of a tie. Disqualifying a member and amending the bylaws require the approval of at least two-thirds of those in attendance.
Section 3: Agenda for the General Assembly
1) Election of the President
2) Establishing regulations and amending the bylaws
3) Activities reports
4) Approval of the expenses report and the estimated activities budget.

Article 15: Finance
Section 1: Revenue from Membership dues

Revenue from Membership fees

The annual membership fee of $150 shall be submitted by the end of June. The amount of the fee may be changed.

Fiscal year

A fiscal year shall run from January 1st through December 31st of every year.

Use of funds

The funds shall be used to cover the basic expenses for meetings of the Chapter and to pay for the year-end networking party held in December.
Section 2: Donations and other income

The funds necessary for the activities of this organization may be raised according to the decision by the Steering Committee.
The organization shall contact possible sources of funds such as the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family of the Republic of Korea, Korean-American Foundations and the private sector, as deemed appropriate, and request funds.
The organization shall plan to raise funds by holding KOWIN NY events. 

* This English Version was submitted by Kwanghee Kim, Bylaw Committee Chair, and Bylaw Committee Members, Chris Choi, Chan K. P. Gillham, Susie Kim, J. Robin Moon, Kyunghee Park and Susan Uhm, on September 4th, 2014 at KOWIN NY Chapter General Meeting.