Here you can find your buddies! :)


All our members to 4 groups (A,B,C,D,) by the class of year entered their membership.

Find your name in the chart that shows you are one of 4 buddies of each classes in horizontally. There are 16 Buddy Chains in this year. It will be scrambled to change when new members are added in each year.

1.  Select one representative in each buddy chain.

2.  Contact each other at least once a month using email, phone, or text... Just say hi, or share informative conversation and get to know each other!

3.  Reach out to other buddy chain to extend networking if desired.

4.  Help your buddies to inform any useful social media tech, such as how to use KOWIN web. Or car-pools, cultural expose, etc.

It will give you the opportunity to engage with your buddies as regularly. We hope this idea will help our network activity as well as close the gap of inter generation, and empower the mentoring process!


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